Property Management Testimonials

…I have been a client of Keyrenter for 2 ½ -3 years. The problem with being a landlord is that you tend to care too much about the tenant and not treat it as a business…..I got involved with Keyrenter on one specific property where I thought I would be a really good landlord. I found myself in a situation where the renter owed me a lot of money and I was in a lot of trouble financially. I asked Keyrenter to pick up this really terrible situation to help remedy it. Not only did they help evict the person with the right channels, they also helped me to recoup some of the costs. Then they got the property ready to re-rent and got it back on the market providing me rental income within thirty days. It took all the weight off my shoulders and I felt a sense of a Team working for me. Thank you Keyrenter.

Tom D

Property Owner

…I’ve worked with several property management companies during my tenure as an investor in the Utah market, and the professionalism that Keyrenter has offered me definitely supersedes anyone else. I don’t live in the State of Utah, so when I hand over the keys to my property, I’m putting all my trust in them to fulfill the promises that I want as an investor, and more importantly, I know they treat our tenants with respect and provide them with the services they need to be happy in the property..… I have no hesitation turning over the keys to these guys. I know they will take care of the property and get me what I want as in investor.

Marcelo T

Real Estate Investor

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