Keyrenter’s Low Overhead Makes Launching a Business Simple

Investing in a franchise business can sometimes feel like a leap of faith. Aspiring business owners put a lot of money, time and effort into launching their businesses—even before they open their doors. This is why Keyrenter has worked hard to make opening our property management franchise as simple as possible, with low barriers to entry.

Keyrenter Property Management is a low-overhead and affordable business model accessible to a wide array of entrepreneurs who share our vision, mission, and values. While other franchise opportunities require a much larger upfront investment, our system is designed to make it easier to invest in, build wealth, and change lives one property at a time.

Take a closer look at how Keyrenter has simplified the process of launching a own property management business.

How much does it cost to launch a Keyrenter franchise?

First and foremost, Keyrenter’s cost of ownership is affordable, lowering one of the biggest barriers to entry that franchise owners face. Per our 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document, a new franchisee can expect to invest between $104,625 – $220,279 to launch a Keyrenter franchise. This total investment includes a $40,000 franchise fee.

Once the upfront investment is made, Keyrenter keeps overhead low by only collecting marginal fees, including a 7% monthly royalty and 1% brand development fund contribution. All told, our low initial investment makes it easier for aspiring business owners to get up and running faster, then keep more money in their pocket over time.

Keyrenter keeps business simple

Part of the reason Keyrenter’s upfront cost is so affordable is because of our simplified model. This keeps costs low and makes getting up and running much faster, so you can begin building your property management empire right away.

  • Single employee to start: Many Keyrenter franchises begin with just a single employee: you, the owner. You can hire a team, but it’s not required to begin developing your property portfolio. Thanks to our time-saving suite of digital tools, you’ll be able to administer all Keyrenter property services by yourself to start. As your business grows, so can your team. This allows you scale up employees as you secure additional clients and doors and bring in more revenue.
  • No physical office or warehouse: Keyrenter franchises must maintain a virtual office through which you’ll work with clients and tenants. However, this does not require you to lease or purchase a traditional office building. Real estate is often a huge portion of a franchise’s upfront investment and ongoing overhead, so the lack of physical office alleviates some financial pressure. Similarly, Keyrenter is a service-based business, meaning franchisees do not rely on inventory. This saves you both the cost of inventory itself and warehouse space to store it in.
  • Automated tasks: Property management involves a lot of services and tasks for owners and tenants. In a traditional model, these tasks could eat up your day, minimizing the amount of time you have to find new leads and/or the number of doors you can manage at all. This can be extremely difficult for new business owners, in particular, who need to scale quickly in order to turn a profit. Keyrenter approaches property management differently by implementing proprietary systems and technologies that automate tasks. This makes managing properties much simpler, faster and more efficient. Ultimately, the Keyrenter model allows you to scale much more quickly and earn more money in less time.

Maximize your investment with Keyrentrer

In the same way property managers help property owners maximize their real estate investments, Keyrenter helps franchisees maximize their investment in our business. The Keyrenter Property Management franchise model is designed to be accessible to a wide range of entrepreneurs and cost-effective to operate in the long term. With less overhead and simpler workflow management, you’ll be able to get up and running with ease. Add this to the comprehensive support we offer every franchisee, and you’re well-positioned for franchise success!

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