What Our Franchisees Are Saying About Keyrenter Property Management

“I chose Keyrenter [because] it was either that or do this on my own, and for me, it was a matter of really shortening my learning curve and getting support and people to partner with me along the way. I decided that was the path for me, and it’s been a great experience in that time. They’ve provided the support I’d hoped for. The marketing they provide has helped a ton as well as a solid brand that has a great look and outward-facing presence in the market.”

–Brandon Scholten, Keyrenter Denver, Colorado

“The support level from the corporate office has been great. They’ve got a lot of resources as far as marketing, as far as the processes we really need to accept to manage properties effectively. It’s been great partnering with the franchise. It’s something I certainly could not have done on my own. Starting it up from scratch would have been really, really hard. It’s been awesome partnering with them and walking alongside them.”

–Jonathan Sempsrott, Keyrenter Austin, Texas

 “I invested in Keyrenter for a few different reasons…The leadership of Keyrenter really encourage entrepreneurship. They wanted us as owners to build our own business. They gave us a great framework and a great model and a great understanding of how Keyrenter works and how we can apply that in our different markets, but they really allow us to be entrepreneurs.”

–Jim Elfline, Keyrenter Phoenix, Arizona

 “We started in property management with two of our own rental properties. We needed a little more guidance. We decided our rentals were successful and we wanted to grow that business. So we opened Keyrenter Richmond. I think the biggest reward we’ve seen from that is the flexibility, the income and where it can take us in the future…The overall support is phenomenal. You always have somebody you can reach on the phone or email. They’re there for you…They just make things very easy, very simple.”

–Ashley Davis, Keyrenter Richmond, Virginia

 “My background is in finance and corporate America, and I was at the point where I really wanted to do my own thing. So, I started researching franchises…I had a finance background and always had an interest in getting involved in real estate. Keyrenter seemed to present the opportunity to do both—to have a business, to have the support of a franchise and also get into the real estate business.”

–Andy Logan, Keyrenter Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts

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