Why Customers Do Business with Keyrenter Property Management

Clients turn to Keyrenter because we’ve cracked the code on how to make property management more efficient and less stressful while making their investments lucrative.

Who We Serve

Keyrenter’s services are applicable to different types of investors with a wide range of properties. 

Our real estate expertise and proven management systems help “accidental landlords” and inexperienced property owners turn their properties into valuable money makers.

The Value Keyrenter Offers

Screening for reliable tenants, keeping vacancy low and maintaining the property itself can be overwhelming, especially if their investment was intended to be a part-time gig. The reality is that most owners lack the time, energy and expertise required to truly protect their investments and make good returns in the long term. This is where Keyrenter can help.

Clients turn to Keyrenter because our system of proactive property management solutions has proven to offer long-term success for franchisees, clients and tenants alike. We offer investors a hands-off, worry-free way to earn monthly income, while our franchise owners take care of the daily tasks.

Here are just a few of the reasons property owners and investors turn to Keyrenter:

  • Great reputation: Our experience, paired with our innovative systems, has made Keyrenter a household name for current and aspiring property owners across the country.
  • Quality tenants: We’re able to screen tenants quickly, reducing delays for both landlords and rental applicants.
  • Low vacancies: Keyrenter’s property advertising approach helps fill empty homes quickly. Both of these result in very low vacancy rates and higher returns.
  • Constant communication: For our clients, routine communication about their tenants, properties and payments takes stress out of the equation. 
  • High ROI: Using our comprehensive property analysis tools and other management systems, Keyrenter is able to ensure investors are making the most out of their properties.

Keyrenter has solidified itself as a national leader in the rental property management services industry. When clients turn to Keyrenter, they know they’re getting a suite of solutions that turns a stressful property management side job into a hassle-free, passive investment opportunity.

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