KitCon 2023 – Providing the tools and support for franchise partner growth and success

KITCON: Empowering success through support, innovation, and ongoing training.

Keyrenter Property Management is second to none in the property management franchise space for offering support to its franchise partners. This starts from the initial calls when an individual is interested in starting a property management franchise, continues through discovery day and training, and truly never stops.

One of the prime examples of the Keyrenter Property Management dedication to the success of its franchise partners is KitCon.

What is KitCon?

KitCon is Keyrenter Property Management annual conference that takes place with franchise partners, and franchise partners remote workers. This year KitCon took place in Mexico City at The Galeria Plaza Reforma This is a 3 day intensive conference covering industry best practices, up to the minute updates of the property management industry, where it is headed, and how Keyrenter Property Management is addressing the ever changing market in unique and novel ways.

KitCon also provides ongoing training for remote workers across franchise partner offices, collaboration across remote workers to bring shared best practices to all franchise partner locations. Most importantly It gives the opportunity for franchise partners and their remote workers the chance to meet face to face, and truly develop a strong relationship. KeyRenter Property Management is known for having a very close group of franchise partners. KitCon gives the opportunity to extend that bond further.

KITCON 2023 – Bridging The Distance

The Theme of KitCon2023 was “bridging the distance.” There were several goals set for the success of this conference, but perhaps the biggest was that all remote workers come away with the understanding that they are remote, but not distant. “We want to ensure that our remote workers truly get the depth of the work they are doing,” said Sarah Durbin, VP of Franchise Success for Keyrenter Property Management, “Starting a property management company can be daunting, and when you finally get to that first hire, it can truly be an angel moment, that is what we are hoping everyone will take away from this conference”

KitCon provides Franchise Partners and their remote workers the opportunity to collaborate on new ideas, to share best practices, and to surface any issues that remote workers may have noticed in the day to day operations.

Keyrenter Property Management also utilizes this time to help roll out with implementations of new technologies across franchise partners and remote workers. “There is nothing quite like in-person collaboration to foster an environment of mutual growth and learning,” said Nate Tew, CEO of Keyrenter Property Management.

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