Who Is an Ideal Franchisee?

At Keyrenter Property Management, we look for franchise candidates who are business-oriented and interested in the real estate and property management industries. You do not need real estate experience to own a Keyrenter franchise! Our suite of training and support programs will provide you with the information and solutions you need to become a stellar property manager in a few short weeks.

Does this sound like you? You might be a great fit!

  • Interested or experienced in real estate
  • Experienced in business and management
  • A strong communicator who is adept at networking and forging relationships
  • Has a high level of integrity and business ethics

The most important qualities of a potential Keyrenter franchisee are communication, entrepreneurship and ethics. If you have the ability to follow proven systems while carving a niche in your rental market, love to meet and work with people and have the passion and drive to be successful, you may have what it takes to own a Keyrenter franchise.

Our Franchisees are Real Estate License Holders

Although real estate experience is not required, franchise owners with real estate backgrounds and/or current licenses will have an advantage in the property management services industry. All Keyrenter franchise owners are required to maintain a real estate license to perform some of the duties associated with property management.

If you aren’t currently licensed, we’ll guide you through the process as you are trained and onboarded with Keyrenter. In most states, real estate licenses can be obtained online with ease. If you are currently licensed, you’ll be ready to launch your new business that much faster and easier!

Our Franchisees are Great Communicators

At the end of the day, Keyrenter’s business is not just about a house or an investment. It’s about people. Our ideal franchisee is someone who enjoys working with others, can communicate effectively and is comfortable building a network of potential and current clients.

The Keyrenter business model requires you to network with realtors and local investors and property owners to develop your customer base. Once contracts are signed, you’ll cater to the needs of not only your clients, but also the tenants living in their homes. Communication with your staff, clients and tenants is the number-one element that will help you implement solutions and propel your franchise to success.

Our Franchisees are Tech-Savvy

Keyrenter’s business model relies on automation and technology to implement cost-effective, time-saving property management solutions. Our ideal franchisee is someone who is comfortable using technology and keeping up with the latest innovations in order to deliver excellent customer service.

Our Franchisees are Natural Leaders

When you first launch your Keyrenter franchise, you may be the sole employee. However, as your portfolio of managed properties grows, you’ll need to rely on the skills of an office manager and/or property managers to meet all your clients’ needs. To that end, Keyrenter franchisees must be skilled at organizing and managing staff members.

Additionally, some of Keyrenter’s core values are tied to the ideas of teamwork and communication. Our ideal Keyrenter franchisee has business management experience leading employees and maintaining an open dialogue across the entire team.

Our Franchisees are Values-Driven

Keyrenter plays an important role in taking care of our investors’ assets and the homes that tenants live in. We seek franchisees who maintain a high level of integrity, honesty and business ethics. Maintaining these values is an integral part of ensuring that every client and tenant has the best possible experience.

Culture is important at Keyrenter, and we expect each and every franchise owner to adhere to our five core values. In exchange, our corporate team will be with you every step of the way to offer support and assistance in growing your property management empire.

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